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Montessori Toys For 4 Year Old Kids

Montessori Toys For 4 Year Old Kids

When we talk about Montessori education we are referring to a method of education where learning is hands-on, collaborative and self-directed.

montessori toys for 4 year old 

A Montessori classroom provides opportunities for young children to make creative choices. Teachers in a Montessori setting are trained to guide these children.

It is believed that the Montessori Method allows a child room to gain a deeper understanding of social interaction, language, science, mathematics to name but a few things.


Ultimately, the Montessori philosophy is to nurture each child’s interests and strengths.

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What Are Montessori Toys?

A crucial part of Montessori learning is that children are encouraged to explore the world that is around them. A huge part of this exploration is play, as children learn by playing and by touching things.

For this reason, it is important to select toys which will help your child to learn, not only at school but also when at home.

Montessori toys provide stimulation, which encourage children to experiment.  Montessori toys are objects, which can be touched and held as this enables a child to improve their fine motor skills.

montessori 4 year old toys

Toys should also allow children the opportunity to be able to think creatively and work at their own pace, whether on their own or in a group. For example, Lego can be seen as a Montessori toys for 4 year old.

Lego is used in such a way that a child learns how to create and build vehicles and structures by fixing blocks together. Whilst doing so they are using trial and error and their imagination.

If Lego creates a specific toy i.e. a Lego aeroplane set, it is not considered to be a Montessori toys for four year old, as children cannot be creative, as they are instructed to follow specific guidelines in order to complete the model.

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Examples of Montessori Toys

We will now provide you with some examples of Montessori toys for-4-year-old as an example:


Wooden Alphabet Blocks (Language Development)

Perfect for teaching a child their alphabet and for creating their first words.

montessori toys 4 year old


Numerical Board (Mathematical Development)

With this wooden numerical board, children can consolidate their numbers from 1-100 and also learn how to add and multiply numbers.



Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Set (Fine Motor Skills Development)

As well as teaching fine motor skills, this toy also encourages creativity, mathematical development (fractions) and improves hand-eye coordination.


Creating a Montessori Play Environment at Home

If you want to design a Montessori environment at home you need to carefully think about how you’ll create an environment, which will encourage independence as well as concentration.

In fact, even the smallest of changes can have quite an impact on a child’s behaviour.

Even if your child is not in a Montessori preschool it is simple enough to create a Montessori inspired environment at home which will change the way that your child plays.


  1. Toys

When it comes to toys, as we’ve mentioned above, you want to include toys that develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, mathematics, language, music, and creativity.

Make sure that some of the toys that you chose include a challenge.  Ultimately you want to have toys that engage your child, not just entertain.

Try and avoid toys that make noise or lights up and choose toys that are made from natural materials such as metal or wooden toys.


  1. Streamline

You need to create a play environment, which is neutral in color. The reason for this is so that the environment becomes a soothing space, which encourages concentration.

There should also only be a few things for your child to play with. For example, you may have a small shelving unit, which only has a few items on it.

This does not mean you need to get rid of all the toys that you have within your home, more that you need to put these toys away and only have a few toys out at once.

You can then rotate the toys that you have, as only having a few toys enables your child to really focus on the toys that are available.

If a child only has a limited option, it will become clear to you which toys ignite your child’s creativity and curiosity.


  1. Have open space

A Montessori inspired environment will have plenty of workspace. This workspace needs to be provided at a table as well as on the floor.


An open space allows young children to be able to move around, which is crucial at this age.


  1. Keep things low

In a Montessori classroom, items are always within reach of the children and furniture is child sized.

Therefore make sure that all shelves are low in position and only use high shelves to place items that you don’t want your child to play with such as a mobile phone or hot drinks.


  1. Everything needs a home

Young children thrive from order and for this reason, everything in your playroom needs a home.

Make sure that all toys have a space where they belong and if you have toys, which include multiple pieces, make sure that they organised into trays or baskets.


By having a system such as this your child will know where things belong which can be a calming factor.


  1. Remember nature

Ideally, you want your play area to have natural light.

Include plants to in your playroom as these provide your child the opportunity to look after something and they also add natural beauty to the space.

Also try to include animals in your environment, for example, fish. Young children love to watch fish and they can begin to learn how to feed and care for them too.


  1. Add artwork

Remember to add artwork to your playroom but hang it so that your child can see it.


Use black and white images for babies and for older children; display your child’s artwork, images of nature and family photographs on the walls.


  1. Make it inviting 

You want your environment to be inviting so to finish it off, add a comfy chair or a floor pillow for your child to relax on.

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